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Kinemaks Master
Kinemaks Master
it is a tooling that makes imitation of the hologram difficult. It involves several effective features and hidden images.
No Feature Name Category Definition
31 Double Gradient Effect Overt 2 different gradient effects in same image can be seen by turning the hologram 90 degrees
32 Kinetgram Overt Rotational kinematic image
33 Transparent Gradient Effect Overt Gradient effect through which background can be seen.
34 White Gradient Effect Overt Gradient effect without holographic colours
35 Multilevel CLR Effect Covert 2 different CLR images will be visible through CLR reader in the same place & they will be animated
36 4 Point CLR Effect Covert 4 CLR image will be seen if CLR reader is turned 360 degrees
37 CLR Effect With 2 Channel Covert Switching effect in CLR image
38 Sparkling Effect Overt Image / text with tiny sparkling grains or dots
39 90 Degrees 2 Channel Effect Overt 2 different images / text in same place visisble by rotating hologram by 90 degrees
40 Microtext / Microswitch Covert Small lettering which is visibly through a magnifying glass & also having switching effect
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