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About Us
About Us
Our Aim
To offer this product to the corporate firms with competitive prices along with the new kinds and enable the number of firms using hologram to increase.
Our Target
To be the best in our subject by making differences, To respond to the expectations of our customers with our quality and stability, To deliver our services on time and under the promised conditions.

Quality Control
Production is controlled at every stage and products are packed without any defect.

Hologram production is carried out in a plant that is under 24-hour security. The entire production area is controlled by a closed circuit TV system and entry into the production areas is controlled by finger-print control.

Hologram production is carried out with the best production system and perfect technical knowledge on an international quality level.

Hologram Registration
The registration of the hologram is carried out by IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) in London. The producing company sends the sample design and product to this association together with the information filled in the form. The association copies the samples and hides them in the information centre. If any imitating company applies to a member for production, the producing company gets information from IHMA regarding the demand and can check whether it has been produced by another producer before. If the hologram has been manufactured by a different producer before, the control process is started. If it is imitation, it takes the necessary measure by informing this to the authorities.

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